We do things our own way!

We take a unique approach to producing the best weed products – in wanting to feature other growers and producers in a collaborative effort. We offer custom packaging design and solutions where it fits, or where our partners want.

In a world where the cannabis industry is so out for itself, we want to take a different approach. We’ve worked with tons of quality producers across the state already and continue to work with more to collaborate and execute their vision and together bring you the best in Live and Cured Resin concentrates and distillates from badders, shatters, sauces, pens, carts, pods, diamonds, and all other dabbables. We feel there’s enough bread on the table for everyone to get a piece, and we want to make sure everyone stays fed!

Our concentrates are reaching top brand positions all across the state where ever they’re being introduced because we know what the people want and deserve: top quality at the right price. That’s what always makes the Trap House successful.