Quality flower is the start to all things great in cannabis.  Learn how we grow.


Blue Zushi  

An exotic cross between Zkittles and Kush Mints with heavy citrus notes. Our May 2024 batch tested at 22% THCa, and 3% terps, mood boosting, melting euphoria is now available


No shortcuts taken…

Our grow has a dedicated nursery.  It’s set to the exact temperature and humidity for new plants to thrive.  Paired with careful nutrients and light regiments, this is the start to consistent quality. 

Only the strong survive, our batches are thinned out to the strongest, most capable plants and moved into a dedicated vegetation room with its own light and nutrient schedule. 

With attention to detail, we’re replicating the fall harvest daylight schedule and paying close attention to every last detail and bud. 

Quality cannabis needs some time to cure.  Maintaining a arid, climate controlled space is crucial for drying and curing the flavors and aromas.

Now that the plant is cured, it’s time to see what we have.  Larger “A” buds are separate from the smaller “B” buds.  Trim and small buds are separated for either pre rolls or extraction.

Quality is measurable.  We work with precise, 3rd party labs in Michigan to ensure consumer proper labeling and consumer safety.  These tests include potency %, terpene %, mold, mildew, pesticides and heavy metals.