Extract Highlight – Live Resin

Live resin is produced from extracting cold material with cold hydrocarbons such as butane.  By keeping everything cold throughout, the purest, most delicate notes are retailed while concentrating the potency and flavor.  


Our extraction process beings while the plants are still being grown.  Identifying plants in our own garden or working with top growers throughout the state, we identify trim batches for cured resin or whole plants to harvest frozen for live resin.

For Live Resin:

Cold harvest plans are established so the plant is quickly frozen immediately after harvest to protect any and all flavors.  Product is transported in a freezer truck and kept frozen while packing plant material into extraction socks.


For Cured Resin:

Material is reviewed onsite after it’s been dried and separated to verify aroma profiles and final weights.  Plant material is delivered at room temperature, packed into extraction sleeves and will be frozen before processing.

Blasting plant material sleeves with super cold solvent dissolves the goodies we want but leaves behind the stuff we don’t want.  Depending on the extraction technique, post processing will either go to curing (live and cured resin), or to be distilled.

Quality cannabis needs some time to cure.  Maintaining a arid, climate controlled space is crucial for curing the flavors and aromas of extracts.

Quality is measurable.  We work with precise, 3rd party labs in Michigan to ensure consumers proper labeling and safety.  These tests include potency, terpene profiles, mold, mildew, pesticides and heavy metals.